[Module] PyNcurses v0.1

Harry Henry Gebel hgebel@inet.net
Thu, 9 Mar 2000 11:49:29 -0500

                             PyNcurses v0.1                             

New Ncurses binding for Python

PyNcurses is a new Python binding for ncurses, generated with the help
of SWIG. It includes the curses, panel, menu, and form libraries.
PyNcurses has now reached the point where I am able to use it, but if it
is to truly improve I need input from other users, so I would appreciate
it if anyone interested in using ncurses with Python would download the
package and give me any suggestions that you think would help to make it

       URL:  http://pyncurses.sourceforge.net
  Download:  http://download.sourceforge.net/pyncurses/pyncurses-0.1.tar.bz2

   Licesce:  BSD Style
  Requires:  ncurses

  Categories:  Text Based UI

Harry Henry Gebel (hgebel@inet.net)

<a href="http://pyncurses.sourceforge.net">PyNcurses v0.1</a> -- New
Ncurses binding for Python