Mike Howard
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 10:18:43 -0500

I've completed a `first cut' at a telnet class.  This is not a replacement for, but could serve as a base class for it. See: is a python module which implements:Download 
         RFC 854 - basic Telnet Protocol 
         RFC 856 - Telnet Binary Transmission 
         RFC 857 - Telnet Echo 
         RFC 858 - Suppress Go Ahead 
         RFC1372 - Flow Control 

     It is not (yet) a replacement for which is included in the 
Python 1.5 distribution. The
     differences are:
 does not implement options - does and 
provides a method to add additional
         options - either directly or by subclassing  does not require threads, whereas currently 
does. This will be fixed RSN

Mike Howard <>