ReportLab Release 0.90 - Dynamic PDF from Python

Andy Robinson
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 15:20:28 +0100

Release 0.90 of the ReportLab PDF library is now available at or

ReportLab is a library for directly generating PDF files in Python.  It can
be used for all manner of reporting requirements including
- dynamic PDF reports in real time from web sites
- back office forms printing and reporting
- adding a cross-platform "Print Preview" capability to applications.

This release adds experimental support for two major features:
- hypertext links within documents
- support for "forms", which allow any graphics to be stored once in a named
form at the beginning of the file, and drawn 'by reference'.  These can
dramatically compact and speed up large jobs.

In addition, there are many minor additions including library modules for
standard colors, units and pagesizes.

Many demos and third-party contributions are available at our home page,  Check out the live demos now!

The discussion group for the project is; subscribe on the web, or send
an email to with 'Subscribe' in the
subject line.

Andy Robinson
CEO, ReportLab Inc.