Stackless Python 1.1 + Continuations 0.8

Christian Tismer
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 23:29:59 +0200


               Stackless Python 1.1
           A Python Implementation That
             Does Not Use The C Stack

               * plus the real toy *

              Continuation Module 0.8
        Continuations as First Class Objects
            with support for MicroThreads

What is it?
A plugin-replacement for core Python.
It should run any program which runs under Python 1.5.2 .
But it does not need space on the C stack.

For further info, see the new site at 

As one of its highlights, here a little story about

              *** S P E E D ***

Version 1.1 has again got a lot of optimizations.
I do not make any claims here about percentage.

But if you are on Windows, get the win32 installer,
and after installation just try the following
from a DOS shell:
* cd into the BACKUP directory where the old dll lives:

D:\python\spc\BACKUP>python ../ 55555
Pystone(1.1) time for 55555 passes = 10.6665
This machine benchmarks at 5208.38 pystones/second

* now leave BACKUP and therefore use the new dll:

D:\python\spc>python ./ 55555
Pystone(1.1) time for 55555 passes = 9.86503
This machine benchmarks at 5631.51 pystones/second


If you are just interested in a speed gain, you are
very welcome as a new Stackless Python user.

If you are interested in the other features like coroutines,
generators, microthreads and even continuations, this is
the real toy for you. The will be soon a collection of
example code and documentation on 

ciao - Christian Tismer / Mission Impossible 5oftware Team

<P><A HREF="">Stackless
Python 1.1 + Continuations 0.8</A> - a version of Python 1.5.2 that
does not need space on the C stack, first-class callable
continuation objects for Python, and Microthread-support.