ANN: Mahogany 0.60 GTK+/Win32 mail client with Python scripting

Vadim Zeitlin
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 19:05:09 +0100 (CET)

A new release of the `Mahogany' e-Mail and News client has been made.

Source and binaries for a variety of Linux and Unix systems are
available at and

Binaries for Win32 systems and debian packages will be made available
in a couple of days.

In this message:

1. Announcing Mahogany Version 0.60
2. Changes against the previous release

Announcing Mahogany Version 0.60

Mahogany is an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail and news client. It
is available for X11/Unix and MS Windows platforms, supporting a wide
range of protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP and full MIME
support as well as secure communicaionts via SSL.  Thanks to its
built-in Python interpreter it can be extended far beyond its original

Mahogany's wealth of features and ease of use make it one of the most
powerful clients available, providing a consistent and intuitive
interface across all supported platforms.

It aims at supporting GNOME (and KDE for that matter) and includes an
extendable address book system supporting hierarchical organisation of
entries, group aliases, searching the database and easy editing, with
support for other program's address database formats. Currently
Mahogany's native format, (X)Emacs' BBDB address books and PalmOS
address books are supported.

Mahogany is being developed using the OpenSource wxWindows application
framework, building on the GTK+ toolkit on Unix.

Mahogany is constantly being tested on a variety of Linux system,
Solaris-sparc and MS Windows. It should compile and work on any modern
Unix platform.

Changes Since Release 0.50

Key changes are:

 - fixes to all serious bugs from version 0.50

 - significantly improved IMAP support: it is now possible to
   subscribe to all folders on an IMAP server with a single click or to
   manually select them from a dialog; Mahogany also uses server side
   message functions when possible resulting in huge performance

 - new, improved filtering system (warning: old filters won't work
   any more, contact us if this is really a serious problem for you)

 - charset and encoding support for message contents and headers
   (including autodetecting the charset of incoming messages and
    setting it for the outgoing ones)

 - mail can be sent using local MDA (sendmail) in addition to SMTP

 - import of settings and folder collections from Pine and XFMail,
   vCard support (import/export from addess book, attach to messages)

UI improvements:

 - drag and drop for message copying and moving
 - "Quick Move" and "Quick Filter" functions
 - folders now can (finally) be renamed
 - quoted text highlighting in the message viewer!
 - sort the messages display by simply clicking on the corresponding
   column, the sorting dialog also has been improved
 - folders with new/recent messages are highlighted in the folder tree

Other miscellaneous improvements:

 - it is possible (although still discouraged) to run Mahogany as root
 - passwords in the config file are encrypted using TwoFish algorithm
 - option to always use external editor by default
 - messages from oneself are optionally marked as such
 - support for password protected SMTP and NNTP servers
 - more verbose error reporting and detection
 - OpenSSL loaded dynamically if available
 - PalmOS module supports AvantGo/MAL synchronisation
 - templates now may be used for replying/forwarding as well
 - many other various fixes

New experimental features include:

 - supporting multiple-identities and easy switching between them
 - support of storing configuration settings on an IMAP server
   allowing to share them between different machines/accounts

Please see the CHANGES file in the distribution for an even more
detailed list of changes.

Future Plans

Next, we hope to tackle the following:

 - improving the message editor (work in progress)
 - full HTML message editing/displaying (almost complete)
 - better POP support by using persistent message IDs and flags
 - multi-threading to allow network operations to happen in
 - PGP/GPG support
 - LDAP support

Please direct any queries to
and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate in
Mahogany development!

Known bugs:

There are always some, listed on our bugtracker at and we are working on them.

 Hoping you will find Mahogany usefull,

M dev-team