Announce: ScanErrLog 1.5

Jerome Alet
Wed, 04 Oct 2000 15:55:31 +0200


I'm please to announce ScanErrLog version 1.5.

This Python module allows people to parse Apache error_log files from
one of different possible sources (filename, stdin, python file object),
and present their datas in decreasing number of occurences of error

This is particularly useful if you want to quickly solve the most
annoying problems web surfers encounter visiting your site.

	- Sample reports are not distributed anymore,
	  because you can now test it online at:

        - Now requires the jaxml Python module,
          you have to download it separately.

        - The jahtml Python module is not
          distributed anymore with scanerrlog,
          you have to download it separately.

        - Now uses Distutils as the installation
          method, see README for details.


	Download it from:

Feedback (ideas, bug reports, patches, not from France wine, etc...) 
is very welcome.

Thank you for reading.

Jerome ALET - -