Stackless Python 1.2 + Continuations 0.9

Christian Tismer
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 13:33:36 +0300


               Stackless Python 1.2
           A Python Implementation That
             Does Not Use The C Stack

               * plus the real toy *

              Continuation Module 0.9
        Continuations as First Class Objects
            with support for MicroThreads

What is it?
A plugin-replacement for core Python.
It should run any program which runs under Python 1.5.2 .
But it does not need space on the C stack.

For further info, see the new site at 

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Major changes in this release:
Extra reference counting reduces continuation frame creation
Better exception handling avoids cycles.

Next to come:
- A port to Python 2.0 will be the first thing to do.
- Long-term project is a complete redesign and
  rewrite for inclusion with Python 2.1

ciao - Christian Tismer / Mission Impossible 5oftware Team

<P><A HREF="">Stackless
Python 1.2 + Continuations 0.9</A> - a version of Python 1.5.2 that
does not need space on the C stack, first-class callable
continuation objects for Python, and Microthread-support.