Python ServerPages 0.7.0a on sourceforge

Jon Brisbin
Tue, 10 Oct 2000 16:47:48 -0500

The Python ServerPages distribution on sourceforge has been updated with the
latest release.  This software is still considered alpha, or pre-beta :-)

You can get it at
It is also mirrored at (with more documentation) at:

What is this PSP implementation?

Python ServerPages is an OpenSource project that seeks to give developers
wishing to embed Python into their HTML pages a consistent and stable parse
engine, which would increase their productivity, while including small,
simple services to reduce repetitive tasks that every developer faces.

The changes to version 0.7.0a include:

* Major bug fixes :-)
* Added html_quote(stuff) function
* Added include(file="file.html") function
* Added a proc_total_time to gauge the speed of parsing and executing the
* Added a view_source() function to aid in debugging
* Altered the parsing routine to allow nested parsing

This version of PSP is easier to use (sample code:)

first_name =


[$ def do_something(self, param): $]
[$ enddef $]

[$ if == "harry": $]
  [- do_something("Harry") -] is logged in.
[$ endif $]

[- include(file="page2.psp") -]
[- include(file="footer.html") -]

Some documentation is also available at


Jon Brisbin

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