Mike Steed
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 11:28:54 -0600

Gdchart-py-0.5 is available.

Gdchart-py is a Python interface to Bruce Verderaime's GDChart library,
which produces charts and graphs in PNG, JPEG, and GIF format.

Changes in version 0.5:

 - Uses gd-1.8.3 (bug fixes)
 - Uses gdchart-0.951 (new options and chart styles)
 - Now builds against Python-1.6 (still builds against 1.5.x).
 - option() now returns a dict of current settings when called with no args
 - GIF and JPEG support are selectable at build time
 - The build is easier and more solid
 - Minor bug fixes

I have tested this version on WinNT 4.0 and Linux/x86.  The makefile
includes settings for Solaris and HP-UX (untested).  If you have trouble on
these platforms, or can provide settings for other platforms, please let me

Documentation, source code, and Win32 binaries are available:

Mike Steed