ANN: ScanErrLog 1.4

Jerome Alet
Fri, 08 Sep 2000 15:36:32 +0200

I'm very pleased to announce ScanErrLog 1.4

ScanErrLog is a python module which extracts error messages from Apache
error_log files and present them in decreasing order of number of
occurences, with lots of options.

This is especially useful if you're interested in knowing the error
messages which annoy the most your website's visitors.

You can use it either as a standalone program or import it into another
python program, or use it as a CGI script.

You can produce reports in HTML, XML, PDF or plain TEXT format

You can:
 	- view sample reports
	- test it online with real data
	- download it


The 1.4 release includes important bug fixes.

Any feedback is very welcome.

PS: PDF support needs you to install the Excellent ReportLab

Jerome ALET - -