MacPython 2.0b1 released

Jack Jansen
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 00:35:11 +0200

MacPython 2.0beta1 has been released. You can download it through the
MacPython homepage, .

Aside from all the goodies that are not mac-specific there's quite a
bit of new mac-only stuff too. Here's the release notes:

Changes in 2.0b1 since 1.5.2

These release notes refer to Mac-specific changes only. See NEWS (in the Misc folder)
for machine-independent changes.

Unfortunately I have messed my administration up, so I can't give complete
Mac-specific release notes for the changes in this release. So, I will
have to leave it at the highlights:

- 68K support has been dropped, this release is PPC only.
- Threads support (through standard Python threads module).
- Tkinter works again! At least: it doesn't immedeately crash in obvious ways.
- Appearance support through App module and added calls in many other modules.
  Most dialogs and applets have also been converted to Appearance. There's also a
  ControlAccessor module that handles [GS]etControlData with their plethora of
  argument types.
- Navigation Services support, with macfs StandardFile calls transparently
  replaced by their NavServices counterparts.
- Offscreen QuickDraw and GWorld support through Qdoffs module.
- Drag manager support (Drag module).
- Much better CGI support and examples, see :Mac:Tools:CGI.
- Better OSA/AppleEvent support.
- Up/downcasting of handle-based types is now unified and implemented in the
  inherting module, e.g.
  handleobj = ctlobj.as_Resource()
  ctlobj = Ctl.as_Control(handle)
- Added macos.FreeMem(), MaxBlock() and CompactMem(), mainly so apps in Python can
  give low-memory warnings.
- MediaDescr module parses some QuickTime media descriptions (but definitely not all).

What is not in this distribution

- The garbage collection mods to 2.0 have not been enabled, mainly due to lack of test-time.
- Stackless Python/microthreads are not in here. Ask on the pythonmac-SIG if you want them.
- Carbon support is not in here, but should be happening as soon as GUSI is ready.
- Distutils is not in here, again due to lack of time.

Known problems

This list is far from complete, more problems may be listed on the MacPython homepage,

- The IDE and Tkinter do not work together. Run tkinter programs under PythonInterpreter.
- Aliases do not work in sys.path entries.

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