Zope will be present at the SYSTEMS 2000 in Munich

Maik Roeder roeder@berg.net
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 01:47:22 +0200

Hi Zopistas !

Zope is going to be present with its own booth at the SYSTEMS IT fair
in Munich from 6.-10. November 2000. After the CeBIT in Hannover it
is the 2nd-largest IT fair in Germany with over 130.000 visitors last =

year. There will be a large focus on the Open Source movement with a
dedicated forum called LinuxPark, which was a huge success in 1999. See
the homepage at http://www.systems.de for general information and =

http://www.linux-events.de/, a Zope site, for information on LinuxPark.

We will have a booth supplied by Linux New Media who is organizing
LinuxPark. The booth is supported by Iuveno and Beehive and features two
separate work-places with internet access where we can have two computers=

and two posters. The Zope booth is going to be some steps away from
the shared Iuveno and Beehive booth, and the Linux-Cafe is just ahead.
Around the corner is going to be the Gimp and Debian folks, and the
Samba people are next to us.

We will have the chance to present Zope related projects, so we
are looking for people who could prepare some talks. We need many Zopista=
who would like to help with the preparation of the fair and who can man
the Zope booth on the four days of the event. We also need two computers
and preferably flat screens for the booth. Please contact Joachim Werner
at joe@iuveno.de if want to support the EuroZope SYSTEMS team with hardwa=
or help attending the booth. If you plan to come to the SYSTEMS, it would=

be nice if you could also send an email to the EuroZope mailing list
at eurozope@comlounge.net.

All those who attend the booth will get a free ticket and we have sleepin=
space for 3-4 people in the Munich area, because hotels would be rather
expensive. If you prefer to stay in a hotel, it could pay off to stay in
nearby Ingolstadt and come with the Iuveno guys to Munich each day.

For always up-to-date information on the SYSTEMS event, frequently check =

the project homepage at:

   - http://zdp.zope.org/projects/eurozope/events/systems

The Zope booth at the SYSTEMS is the second event organized by the EuroZo=

   - http://zdp.zope.org/projects/eurozope

The EuroZope project was founded at the LinuxTag 2000 in Stuttgart:

   - http://zdp.zope.org/projects/eurozope/events/linuxtag2000

We have just recently held the Zope Meeting with Paul Everitt in Paris:

   - http://zdp.zope.org/projects/eurozope/events/pariszopemeeting

Many more events are planned for the future like the big ZopeCon
at the Linux Expo January 23-24 in Amsterdam.

   - http://zdp.zope.org/projects/eurozope/events/linuxexpo2001 (soon!)

Best regards,

Maik R=F6der

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