September 19th Zope Weekly News

Wed, 20 Sep 2000 01:58:34 -0400

In this week's ZWN, make Zope your career, take Zope classes, read about security,
get Zope 2.2.2, all while tracking HiperDOM, WikiNG, Sessions,
and the continued evolution of
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And Now For Something Completely Different:


Get Paid for Doing Zope

  In the very near future, a Fortune 100 media company will launch a new
  web initiative for which Zope is the content management platform.
  Digital Creations has been working closely with the company on the
  architecture for the project.

  With the initial success, the company wants to augment its internal Zope
  technical staffing.  The job opening is for someone with strong
  Zope/Python skills, preferably on Linux.  Background in web design,
  information architectures, and project management are beneficial.

  The vision for this project is quite exciting indeed.  If any of you are
  interested in a prime-time Zope position in New York City, "contact Paul", 
  and he'll pass along your contact information.

More Training & Education Coming

  Kaivo, in partnership with Digital Creations, is expanding
  and enhancing the training courses availiable for Zope.
  Get all the jucy details from "the press release",



  Chris McDonough has been hard at work on a security chapter
  for the product developer's guide. It will give a comprehensive
  overview of Zope's security features and details the ins
  and outs of making *your* product secure: Currently,
  it gives and overview and covers Python Products, with
  ZClass Products in the works.

  Take "a preview look",
  and send him feedback.

Zope Status

  -- by Brian Lloyd

  Zope 2.2.2 released, planning for Zope 2.3

Last Week

  Last week I worked on weaving in feedback to the  draft of the 
  first deliverable for the "new security assertions" project, the 
  Zope Security for Developers guide. The window of opportunity for 
  having your say in this is closing soon, so be sure to "check out 
  the draft",

  Several spirited discussion have been going on (on both the zope-dev 
  list and regarding the HiperDOM proposal and the WikiNG 
  proposal. Both of these are still very much in the "big picture" phase 
  of figuring out what they mean.

  The fleshing out of 'core' session tracking (relating private
  namespaces to anonymous visitors) is coming along nicely.  Fishbowl
  suggestions played a key role in design.  A complete set of use cases has been
  drawn up, and a primordial implementation is in the works. For more
  information see the "Core Session Tracking fishbowl project",

  I also started on the task list for the next "planned feature release"
  of Zope. We need to figure out how to best expose the work for a 
  particular release on (a project?, a dedicated "next 
  release" area?)

This week

  This week we'll get the information for the next Zope feature release 
  up on We've also made a Zope 2.2.2 release. This 
  is a minor update, most consisting of fixes to support ZEO 
  deployment. I also hope to (finally!) finalize the Zope Security for
  Developers document (implementing it is currently on the 2.3 list).


Zope Web

  -- by Ethan Fremen

  Community Development of

   Maik Roeder, Rik Hoekstra, and Tom Deprez (all of ZDP fame)
   have volunteered to help redevelop the Documentation
   section of!

   Tim Cook deserves kudos for his work on
   categorizing all the How-To's for topic oriented access.

  ZEO Smells Good

   Only a few short weeks in the intense heat of the
   oven, coupled with the tender ministrations of Jim Fulton,
   and ZEO is getting pleasantly baked.


   We're in the process of preparing some boxes to give
   a replicated home, where ZEO is in full play and multiple
   Zope clients answer requests.  The boxen and connection are
   being provided by VA Linux Systems, with load balancing and
   failover design being provided by baymountain.