version 1.0 released!

Ben Gertzfield
21 Sep 2000 15:33:56 -0700

At long last, the ID3 Python module has reached version 1.0. is a simple Python module for retrieving and setting so-called
ID3 tags on MP3 compressed audio files through an object-oriented
interface. MP3 players generally use this simple information for
display track title, artist name, and album title while playing the
sound file. supports ID3 version 1.1, including the track number field.
I have no current plans to code up the monstrosity that is ID3v2
( but if someone wants to add
that functionality, feel free!

The latest version of can always be found at:

The changes in version 1.0 include ID3 v1.1 support (track numbers),
automatic stripping of whitespace in ID3 fields, an actual (gasp)
README file, and a script for Python 1.6 or Distutils users.

Happy Pythoning!


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