Python Server Pages

Jon Brisbin
Fri, 29 Sep 2000 15:36:50 -0500

My new Python ServerPages implementation is available at

What is it?

My PSP implementation is different than almost anything so far in that it
currently consists of one single CGI script that can be added to any
webserver (though, just tested on Apache) and PSP pages can immediately be
created and accessed easily like:

You can also integrate with existing speeder-uppers like mod_snake,
mod_python, etc...and by byte-compiling the "" file first...  If you
want, go ahead and put this in your httpd.conf:

Action python-serverpages /cgi-bin/
AddHandler python-serverpages .pyml .psp

and then call your PSP pages like:

Basic documentation is on the home page at  This is designed to be absolutely
simple and fast, not just in performance, but in time to integrate and

Jon Brisbin

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