Python Microsoft SQL 2000 (HTTP/XML) DB - 0.3 released

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 13:53:57 +0200



Description: a platform-independent means to access Microsoft SQL 2000.

Dependencies: python 2.0 or greater, because i like the += operator.

Functionality: uses HTTP Basic Authentication.

             : identical API to MySQLdb 0.3 (which is Python DB 2.0
               compliant but i'm not sure about pyxsqmll: i removed
               some of the functions and haven't needed them,

             : is a stand-alone program that accepts
               SQL commands on standard-input (note: no prompt given!)

Recent changes: removed usage of py-xml-0.6.4 because it was waay
                to memory-heavy and time-consuming (sorry, guys).
                A 2.5mb response (with 800 records) took 45mb and
                30 seconds to process.  using the standard distro
                xmllib now _only_ takes 8mb and 10 seconds...

python r0kz. [start getting worried when i add 'mi world' at the end]