ANN: 0.7

Cayce Ullman
Thu, 19 Apr 2001 22:42:38 -0700

The latest version of (a SOAP implementation in written in Python),
was released today.  Check out it's interop matrix, or download it,

Comments, feedback, patches, etc... very welcome.

- General SOAP Parser based on sax.xml (requires Python 2.0 or later)
- General SOAP Builder
- SOAP Proxy for RPC client code
- SOAP Server framework for RPC server code

- Handles all of the types in the BDG
- Handles faults
- Allows namespace specification
- Allows SOAPAction specification
- Homogeneous typed arrays
- Supports multiple schemas
- Header support ( mustUnderstand and actor)
- Early XML attribute support (parsing only)
- Good interop


VERSION 0.7 (4/19/01)
- Fixed a bug that caused nothing to work with Python 2.1
- Float work arounds for WIN32 (others?)
- DateTime parsing for WIN32
- Beginnings of XML attribute support
- Better interop

VERSION 0.6 (4/18/01)
- Fixed numerous bugs (dateTime, float prec., Response Element, null
- Added more types
- Homogeneous typed arrays
- Added support for more schemas
- Early Header support and mustUnderstand and actor
- Added interop suite
- Passes validator
- Interop greatly improved, passes all client tests for Frontier,

VERSION 0.5 (4/17/01)
- Initial public release