New Python RPMs

Sean Reifschneider
Sat, 21 Apr 2001 11:02:39 -0600

Through a quirk in RPM, the 2.1-2 RPMs still had pymalloc enabled.  I've
added some work-arounds to resolve this.  Thanks to Ron Bickers for
pointing it out (and to Kevin Fenzi for the GHz Athlon box on which I did a
few dozen builds to come up with the work-around ;-).

Also new in this version is the "tools" sub-package, including the contents
of the "Tools" directory.  Unfortunately, IDLE isn't yet working in this
RPM.  Thanks to Jason R. Mastaler for this suggestion.

You can find the SRPM at:

And binaries for RedHat/KRUD 7.0 at:

where you'll find the packages:


NOTE: There are also "python-*" versions of these packages, which are
configured to install "/usr/bin/python" instead of "/usr/bin/python2".
Only pick up one of the "python2-*" or "python-*" package sets.

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