pydoc.el 1.01 - extensive Emacs/XEmacs/InfoDock interface to pydoc

Bob Weiner
Sun, 22 Apr 2001 22:06:32 -0700 (PDT)

This package provides ready access to Python documentation throughout
an emacs editing session.  The README for the package is included below.
It is licensed under the same terms as Python.  The package necessitated
changes to python-mode.el, so the updated version of that code is included
as well.

Follow the installation instructions in the pydoc.el to ensure the
package works properly for you.  You can download the code via
http from:  I hope this speeds your
Python development even further.



# SUMMARY:      README for pydoc.el emacs interface to Python pydoc.
# AUTHOR:       Bob Weiner
# ORG:          Deepware
# ORIG-DATE:    23-Apr-01 at 00:03:37
# LAST-MOD:     23-Apr-01 at 00:16:15 by Bob Weiner
# Copyright (C) 2001  Bob Weiner
# Licensed under the Python license version 2.0 or higher.

pydoc.el is an Emacs/XEmacs/InfoDock interface to the Python pydoc system.
It provides convenient integration with powerful programming editors,
speeding both Python learning and day-to-day access of reference
documentation while programming.

For installation information, see the DESCRIPTION section in "pydoc.el".


pydoc.el adds one new global key binding, {C-c M-h} (pydoc-commands) which
displays a menu of commands for interacting with pydoc.  It is global so
you may examine Python documentation whenever needed, regardless of whether
you have a Python code buffer on screen.

The following commands are available, each invoked by typing the first
character of the command name when prompted with the menu.

A)propos <term>    - list modules/packages with <term> in their first line doc strings
H)elp <term>       - display doc for name <term> or string literal '<term>'
K)eyword <keyword> - with completion, display doc for a Python <keyword>
M)odule <name>     - with completion, display doc for a Python module <name>
P)ackage <name>    - with completion, display doc for a Python package <name>
T)opic <topic>     - with completion, display Python reference doc for <topic>
X)ref <term>       - with completion, display doc for a pydoc cross-reference
                     within a Python reference manual section

?   - show the above help
C-g - abort from menu


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