ANN: updated port of Python 2.0 to OS/2+EMX

Andrew MacIntyre
Thu, 26 Apr 2001 02:14:58 +1000 (EST)

I have released an update of my port of Python 2.0 to OS/2, using the
EMX compiler/runtime tools.

Significant changes since the 31 March, 2001 release:
- dynamically loadable modules with module names longer than 8
  characters are now handled by silently truncating the name to 8
  characters during import.
- I have implemented native popen[234]() interfaces, modelled very
  closely on the Win32 implementation.  Redirecting Python's stdio &
  stderr no longer results in bizarreness with popen[234]().
- DistUtils is now OS/2&EMX aware.  I'm not sure whether I've covered
  all cases, but it is sufficiently functional to build and install
  NumPy v19.0.0, including the extra packages in the Numpy sourceball.
- A variant of the port incorporating Christian Tismer's Stackless Python
  patches is now available.
- I have written Python library modules that substitute for the standard
  extension modules pwd and grp, located in Lib/plat-os2emx.  These
  replacement modules fully support Unix style passwd and group database
  files, and obey the interface documented in the Python Library
  reference for the pwd and grp modules.

Binary installation archives for both standard
( and Stackless Python
accompanied by an archive containing source patches and makefiles
(, have
been uploaded to the incoming directories at the Hobbes
( and LEO ( OS/2 software
archives, and will hopefully be available for download shortly.

The complete README for this update can be accessed via, along with the above
packages (please get the packages from Hobbes or LEO where possible).

Getting 2.1 ported to OS/2 is now the objective.

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