[ANNOUNCE] TMDA 0.10 - python-based anti-spam system for qmail

Jason R. Mastaler tmda-list@libertine.org
30 Apr 2001 12:59:29 -0600

I'm pleased to announce a new "major" release of my Tagged Message
Delivery Agent (TMDA).

New in release 0.10:

* The amkCrypto package is no longer necessary.  With this release,
  only the core Python language distribution version 1.5.2 or higher
  is required to run TMDA.  See the `UPGRADE' file if you are
  upgrading from a previous TMDA release.

* Many new features added, and some small bugs fixed.

Further release announcements will take place on the tmda-announce
mailing list <http://libertine.org/lists/listinfo/>.

About TMDA:

TMDA is an OSI certified Python application for qmail systems designed
to significantly reduce (or eliminate) the amount of SPAM/UCE you
receive by using unique, cryptographically enhanced (called tagged)
e-mail addresses.  TMDA can both filter your incoming e-mail, and tag
your outgoing address.

For more information, download locations, and installation
instructions, visit the TMDA homepage:



Jason R. Mastaler (jason@mastaler.com)
<P><A HREF="http://tmda.sourceforge.net">TMDA 0.10</A> - 
    A qmail-based anti-SPAM system.  (30-Apr-2001)