[ANNOUNCE] PyUnit 1.4 released

Steve Purcell stephen_purcell@yahoo.com
Mon, 6 Aug 2001 20:44:51 +0200

Version 1.4 of the PyUnit testing framework has just been released.

The primary intention of this release is to provide a standalone package of
the same PyUnit code contained in the Python 2.1 standard library. This is
primarily for the benefit of those who use older (or Java-flavoured)
versions of Python.

The release may also be of interest to Python 2.1 users who would like to
run their tests using the Tkinter-based GUI test runner tool which is part
of the PyUnit package but is not contained in the Python standard library.

Summary of changes since version 1.3.1:

  - Updated documentation
  - main() runs all tests in the module __main__ by default
  - New code allows all test cases in a given module to be located and
  - Simplified command line syntax
  - Made TextTestRunner configurable with verbose and quiet options, and
    consequently removed obsoleted JUnitTextTestRunner
  - Test instantiation code now localised in a replaceable TestLoader class
  - Distutils 'setup.py' contributed by Bill Bumgarner
  - TestResult.addSuccess() method added (thanks to Frederic Corne)
  - Stop overridden test methods being run twice (thanks to Brian Zimmer
    and Maas-Marten Zeeman)
  - Don't expand GUI's progress bar vertically when resizing (Fred Drake)

The release is available from the PyUnit homepage at


or directly from


Very best wishes to all,


Steve Purcell, Pythangelist
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