ANN: PyOpenGL development status

Tarn Weisner Burton
Sat, 11 Aug 2001 12:32:43 -0500

PyOpenGL has been undergoing intense development in the last six months 
by the PyOpenGL SourceForge group.  For those who aren't in the know, 
PyOpenGL is a Python binding for OpenGL.

There are currently two PyOpenGL code branches.  The first is based on 
David Ascher's PyOpenGL 1.5.5 and is a collection of hand written C 
extensions.  About a week ago the PyOpenGL team released what will 
probably be the last major release of this branch, PyOpenGL 1.5.7.   
This is mostly a bug fix release but also includes the integration of 
some array routines into the codebase.

The second branch is a complete rewrite of PyOpenGL using the wrapper 
generator SWIG (you don't need SWIG to build it, only to hack on it). 
 This is the 2.0 branch, which is currently in beta, and offers 
significant impovements over the previous version of PyOpenGL.  Some of 
the new features are:

    1) Complete coverage of OpenGL 1.1
    2) GLU 1.3 support
    3) GLUT 3.7 support
    4) GLE support (Tubing and Extrusion library)
    5) Support for a whole pile of OpenGL, GLU, and WGL extensions (~200)

Also like PyOpenGL 1.5.7, the new PyOpenGL 2.0 includes the Tkinter 
widget Togl.  PyOpenGL 2.0 is currently known to run Win32 and Linux but 
will probably work on Unix and Mac (volunteers to test this platform?).

To check out either PyOpenGL 1.5.7 or 2.0 see

For those so inclined, new developers are always welcome, specifically 
we would like see PyOpenGL 2.0 running on some other platforms.  Drop me 
a line if you're interested!

We are also conducting a *short* survey regarding PyOpenGL usage, fill 
out copy if you get a chance and help the development effort!

Tarn Weisner Burton