PythonCardPrototype release 0.4.3

Kevin Altis
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 08:05:44 -0700

PythonCard is a software construction kit (in the spirit of Apple's
HyperCard) written in Python.

You can download the latest release at:

Samples included in the latest release: addresses, conversions, dbBrowser,
dialogs, findfiles, minimal, proof, resourceEditor, searchexplorer, sounds,
SourceForgeTracker, textIndexer, tictactoe, turtle, widgets, worldclock

To see screenshots of some of the samples, visit:
A description of each sample is included in the docs directory.

PythonCard home page

SourceForge summary page

Mailing list

PythonCard requires Python 2.1.x or later and wxPython 2.3.x. wxPython is
available at

PythonCard relies on wxPython, it will support the Macintosh once wxPython
has been ported to the Mac.

PyCrust 0.5.3
PyCrust by Patrick K. O'Brien is included as part of the PythonCardPrototype
releases. If you would like to find our more about PyCrust or get a separate
distribution, please visit the home page at

Changes since release 0.4.1 (2001-08-16):

Release 0.4.3 2001-08-23
Andy Todd converted worldclock so that it no longer requires
  an external JavaScript program to run
added samples.txt file to the docs directory to document the
  purpose of each sample application
fixed numerous display bugs in the Property Editor
  including the selection bug which was causing a KeyError
  when using the resourceEditor
resourceEditor changes
  added a Help menu, About resourceEditor... menu item
  View attributes display is now more complete
  Property Editor is shown by default
the Shell is now shown by default for the turtle sample
added addresses sample, which shows the conversion of an
  existing HyperCard stack background layout and data to
  PythonCard. addresses does transparent saves of data and can
  import contacts from Outlook as well.
disabled helpText attribute

Release 2001-08-21
Property Editor is now a listener of the WidgetDict class
  so the component list is automatically updated
  as widgets are added and deleted
resourceEditor sample changes
  added Duplicate Widget menu item
  fixed the selection code
  Property Editor now updates correctly
script added to dbBrowser sample to populate a mySQL test

Release 0.4.2 2001-08-20
the PythonCard mailing list has moved to

the home page has been redesigned and the other HTML pages
  have been validated to make sure they conform to the HTML
  spec. the HTML pages in the docs\html directory can now
  be used locally, they will fetch the large JPEG images from
  the web.
the Property Editor can now edit widget attributes
added getPosition/setPosition and getSize/setSize to Background
added basic mouse events to StaticText, StaticLine, and Image
converted Dan Winkler's original PythonCard demo app to
  the PythonCardPrototype framework, renamed it textIndexer
  and made it a sample. It currently requires ZODB to run
  You can use standalone ZODB or ZODB from Zope, see the
  readme.txt in the textIndexer directory for more info
Andy Todd added his dbBrowser sample which is able to browse
  mySQL databases. readme.txt in the dbBrowser directory for
  more info
added a resourceEditor sample, which is the beginnings of a GUI
  resource ( files) editor. see the readme.txt in the
  resourceEditor directory for more info