Python 2.1.1-3 RPMs updated with LFS

Sean Reifschneider
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 23:50:29 -0600

Guido has put up my RPMs for Python 2.1.1 (thanks) at:

This includes Large File Support which enables the writing of files larger
than 2GB.  This also works around the problem with the interpreter exiting
when a file reaches 2GB.

Included above are links to the SRPM (which includes tunable entries at the
top of the .spec file.  Also included are binary RPMs built against RedHat

To build binaries for your specific system, download the .src.rpm and do
"rpm --rebuild python2-2.1.1-3.src.rpm", or install it and modify the
settings in the .spec file, then rebuild with "rpm -ba python-2.1.spec".

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