pyCGNS-v0.2 - A Python binding to CGNS

Marc Poinot
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 14:11:10 +0200

here's the v0.2 of the pyCGNS package. This is a specialized
package for Computational Fluid Dynamics data management.


 - a simple wrapper on top of ADF calls and mid-level calls
 - an attempt to an Object-oriented interface to CGNS mid-level lib
 - all data arrays are Python Numeric Arrays
 - tests and demos for ADF/CGNS
   - Some User's Guide to CGNS examples
   - a naca0012 sample
   - a tree parser demo with an XML tree output
   - a tree stamper with date and/or keywords
   - an attempt to an extensive ADF test (not 100% coverage so far)

You can get it on the ONERA anonymous ftp (send me an email if it's gone :)

Marcvs [alias Also tested with Python 2.2a2]