ANN: lfm 0.7

Iņigo Serna
09 Dec 2001 19:36:12 +0100

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I've uploaded lfm v0.7 on its web site:=20

[Note that version 0.6 was never publically released.]=20

lfm is a 'midnight commander'-clone written in Python and licensed under
GNU Public License. It should work on any UNIX with a modern (n)curses
library and Python curses module compiled in. See README file or visit
the web page for more information.=20

Changes since version 0.5:=20

Version 0.7 ("Hello Darling, I'm here") - 2001/11/30:=20

  + 'pyview', a new pager/viewer for use with lfm or standalone,=20
    internally or externally. It is used as default pager too.=20
    Some features: Text / Hex view, backwards & forwards search,=20
                   goto line/byte, un/wrap mode, documentation, ...=20
  + Rewrite 'show filesystems info' to use internal viewer=20
  + New 'run_thread' function in which almost every proccess is=20
    executed, so they can be stopped and there is a working signal too.=20
    'do_something_on_file' does not use it=20
  + Implemented 'show file info'=20
  + Check errors when un/compressing=20
  + Support for .bz2=20
  + Removed tar 'v' flag in un/compressing=20
  + Fixed completition, it should work perfectly now=20
  + Added Ctrl-D key to delete the whole content of the EntryLine=20
  + Implemented help: README, NEWS, TODO, ChangeLog or COPYING files=20
  + Added new function to show special files: html, graphics, ...,=20
    so we have defined new programs and file types too=20
  + Added new preference: show_output_after_exec, defaults to yes=20
  + Fix cursor position after deleting files=20
  + Default configuration is now saved inmediately=20
  + Many other bugs fixed again (see ChangeLog)=20

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.=20

Note that my intentions is to end working on lfm as soon as the few
features/bugs listed in TODO are implemented/fixed, so if you have some
comments please tell me them now.=20

Best regards,=20

I=F1igo Serna

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