SMTP server/client program

Chris Spencer
17 Dec 2001 15:22:54 -0600

	I have written a small Python program to test email functionality in a
network.  Sometimes I have had problems diagnosing why some emails would
transmit, and others wouldn't through various email systems (Lotus, Sendmail,
Exchange, etc).  This utility was designed to debug those problems.
	I am providing this as an EXAMPLE of how to do socket operations.  It
also has some applicability to often-raised questions on the comp.lang.python
group on how to interrupt running threads.
	As such, I am orphaning it to the community.  If you find it useful,
great.  If not...well, great!

Here is the link to the source file:

I am pasting the disclaimer in the source code below.  

# Disclaimer:  This program is totally free to use in any respect you see fit.
# I retain no copyright to it and don't care what happens to it.  This is just
# a small utility that I sometimes use to debug email system problems.  This
# disclaimer only applies to the code in this one source file and not to the
# utilities and libraries that are used by it.
# The source code presented here is not guaranteed to work, is not guaranteed
# to provide any useful service.  Indeed, I'm not even guaranteeing that it
# won't make your machine explode into sparks.  In fact, as it stands, I won't
# even guarantee that it won't make the Earth blow up.
# Use at your own risk.  I provide no warranty.  I could care less what happens
# to your machine if you actually RUN the damned thing.  It's your fault because
# you didn't look at this disclaimer.  So nyah!
# This program requires the latest release of wxPython. is 
# a good place to look for binaries.
# In the spirit, if not the letter, of the GPL, I'd very much like to recieve
# emails of patches and suggestions for functionality if you should choose
# to do so.  Or even a thank-you note if you found the program useful or
# learned something from reading the source.
# I can be reached at: