MacPython 2.2c1 available

Jack Jansen
Thu, 20 Dec 2001 12:09:42 +0100

MacPython 2.2c1 is available via .
This is a final candidate for MacPython 2.2, which is due this weekend, so 
please send any feedback to as soon as possible.

The main differences with the last beta release are that this MacPython should 
now run on old systems again (from MacOS 8.1 onwards), and that the MacOS 
toolbox interface modules have been updated to Universal Headers 3.4. While 
neither of these should pose compatibility problems there's always the chance 
that something silly happened, so please give this release a try.

As usual, it won't interfere with your normal Python: different pathnames, 
prefs files, etc, so there shouldn't be much trouble trying this and then 
going back to your usual MacPython release.
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