REPOST: ANN: pyperlish 1.4

Harry George
28 Dec 2001 13:05:47 -0800

pyperlish is a python emulation of essential perl mechnaisms, allowing
use of perl-based idioms.  particularly useful for perl-ists
considering using python (or attempting to port code to python).
Originally named "pyperl", but that name was usurped by Zope, so we
gone to pyperlish.  


Download at:

Recent changes:
2001-12-28: 1.2
  Converted tests to uniuttest style.  Converted docstring to pydoc
  style.  Fixed "split" to properly detect no maxcnt.

2001-09-29: 1.1
  Renamed from pyperl to pyperlish, to avoid conflict with 
  Zope's new pyperl.

Harry George

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