[ANN] Every.py Chat

Hever, Zsolt never@freemail.hu
Sun, 07 Jan 2001 16:07:05 +0100

Every.py Chat is a HTML, JavaScript (Cookie) and Python based very
simple chat program.

The message board does not blink as the HTML code refreshes itself. It
is refreshed, if there is a new message, so the messages are browsable.

I have tested it on Linux and Win98 under Netscape and Internet Explorer
and hope it works on other platforms and browsers as well.

Any comment or critique is welcomed.


in tar and gzip format:
in zip format: 

You can test and see it online at: 

Meet Eliza at: 

This is an adaptation of therapist.py program by Joseph Strout
(Artifical Intelligence in Python) for CGI.

Zsolt Hever