Python 2.1 alpha 1 released!

Guido van Rossum
Tue, 23 Jan 2001 09:14:03 -0500

Thanks to the PythonLabs developers and the many hard-working
volunteers, I'm proud to release Python 2.1a1 -- the first alpha
release of Python version 2.1.

The release mechanics are different than for previous releases: we're
only releasing through SourceForge for now.  The official source
tarball is already available from the download page:

Additional files will be released soon: a Windows installer,
Linux RPMs, and documentation.

Please give it a good try!  The only way Python 2.1 can become a
rock-solid product is if people test the alpha releases.  Especially
if you are using Python for demanding applications or on extreme
platforms we are interested in hearing your feedback.  Are you
embedding Python or using threads?  Please test your application using
Python 2.1a1!  Please submit all bug reports through SourceForge:

Want to know what's new in this release first?  Andrew Kuchling wrote
an excellent overview:

The official release NEWS file is also on the SourceForge site.

--Guido van Rossum (home page: