CFP: O'Reilly Open Source Convention - Feb. 1

David Beazley
Mon, 29 Jan 2001 09:42:03 -0600 (CST)

	      ====== DEADLINE : February 1, 2001 ======


		   O'Reilly Open Source Convention

			   July 23-27, 2001
			San Diego, California

			 *** Python Track ***

O'Reilly & Associates is pleased to announce the 3rd annual Open
Source Convention. This event is the central gathering place for the
Open Source community to exchange ideas, techniques, and to advance
the language. The Open Source Convention is a five-day event designed
for programmers, developers, and technical staff involved in Open
Source technology and its applications. The convention will be held at
the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina, San Diego, California, July
23-27, 2001.

The program committee of the Python track invites submissions of
tutorial and convention presentation on topics of interest to
Python programmers.  

Tutorial Presentations
The first two days of the convention are devoted to tutorials.
Tutorial proposals must include the following:

  -  Tutorial length (3 or 6 hours)
  -  Target audience including any recommended prerequisites.
  -  What attendees will learn.
  -  Tutorial outline--a short bullet list description of the
     course itself.
  -  Speaker name
  -  Speaker biography
  -  Complete speaker contact information.

The program committee particularly encourages the submission of
tutorials that are designed to present core Python topics to a
technically sophisticated audience (i.e., tutorials should favor
technical depth versus advocacy and high-level overviews).

Conference Presentations
Convention proposals will be considered for the following types of

  -  Focused discussions related to a specific Python technology or
     programming technique.  Typical examples might include
     extension building, internationalization, programming with 
     threads, Tkinter, and XML.

  -  New product/technology demonstrations.

  -  Panel discussions.

  -  Applications and case studies that describe the use of Python
     in real-world applications. 

Convention proposals must include the following:

  -  Type of talk -- technology, new product, panel, or case-study.
  -  Title of talk or demonstration.
  -  Abstract of talk, maximum of 250 words.
  -  Speaker name.
  -  Speaker biography.
  -  Complete speaker contact information.

Submissions of novel and unusual Python applications are particularly
encouraged.  Presentations by marketing staff or with a marketing
focus will not be accepted.

Submitting Your Proposal
All proposals must be sent to

Proposals should be sent in plain text with no attachments. Submit one
proposal per email.  The subject line of your email must follow this

Last name: proposal type: proposal title

For example:

   Johnson: Tutorial: Advanced Python Programming

You will receive an automatic confirmation upon receipt of each 

Important Dates

Tutorial and presentation proposals due:   February 1, 2001
Notification to presenters             :   March 1, 2001
Tutorial presentations due             :   May 1, 2001
Convention presentations due           :   June 1, 2001

More Information
More information about the convention can be found at:

Specific questions concerning the Python track can be sent
via e-mail to

Python Track Program Committee
Jason Asbahr, Origin/Electronic Arts
David Ascher, ActiveState
David Beazley, University of Chicago, Chair
Paul Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jeremy Hylton, Digital Creations
Andrew Kuchling, MEMS Exchange
Fredrik Lundh, Secret Labs AB/PythonWare
Tim Peters, Digital Creations
Andy Robinson, ReportLab
Greg Stein, Technical Advisor, ActiveState
Guido van Rossum, Digital Creations
Aaron Watters, ReportLab