Sketch 0.6.11 - A vector drawing program

Bernhard Herzog
09 Jun 2001 22:26:33 +0200

        Sketch 0.6.11 - A vector drawing program

Sketch is a vector drawing program for Linux and other unices.  It's
intended to be a flexible and powerful tool for illustrations, diagrams
and other purposes.

It has advanced features like gradients, text along a path and clip
masks and is fully scriptable due to its implementation in a combination
of Python and C.

More information, sources and binaries are available at the website:

Summary of the Changes since 0.6.10:
 * Fix another Python 2.1 related bug

 * Updated Spanish translation by Esteban Manchado Vel=E1zquez

 * a few other bug fixes.

Sketch is released under the GNU Library General Public License.