[ANNOUNCE] Webware for Python 0.5

Chuck Esterbrook echuck@mindspring.com
Thu, 01 Mar 2001 08:39:07 -0500

Webware for Python is a suite of software components for developing 
object-oriented, web-based applications. The suite uses well known design 
patterns and includes popular features such as:

   * A fast, multi-threaded, easy-to-use application server
   * Servlets
   * Python Server Pages (PSP, similar to ASP, PHP and JSP)
   * An object-relational mapper
   * Task scheduling
   * User management and authentication
   * A CGI wrapper

Home:     http://webware.sourceforge.net/
Download: http://download.sourceforge.net/webware/Webware-0.5.tar.gz
Docs:     http://webware.sourceforge.net/Webware/Docs
Discuss:  mailto:webware-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net

Highlights of 0.5:

* New kits:
   * UserKit:   User management and authentication
   * TaskKit:   Scheduling
   * MiddleKit: Object-relational mapping
   * COMKit:    Enable multi-threaded COM support in the app server
* WebKit enhancements
* MiscUtils enhancements
* PSP enhancements