[Module] Indexer module

David Mertz mertz@gnosis.cx
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 20:34:23 -0500 (EST)

                             Indexer module                             

Create full-text indexes and search them

A full-text indexer in Python, that may be used either as a stand-alone
utility, or as a module in larger programs (incl. CGI).

Creates a persistent word dictionary with occurrence rates of words in
files. Matches files containing multiple words in search, with optional
ranking of matches.

       URL:  http://gnosis.cx/download/indexer.py
  Download:  http://gnosis.cx/download/indexer.py

   License:  Public Domain
  Requires:  zlib (recommended), xml_pickle (optional)

  Categories:  Python Utilities, CGI Scripts

David Mertz (mertz@gnosis.cx)

<a href="http://gnosis.cx/download/indexer.py">Indexer module</a> --
Create full-text indexes and search them