[ANN] Mahogany 0.62 release

Vadim Zeitlin Vadim.zeitlin@dptmaths.ens-cachan.fr
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 15:49:36 +0100 (CET)

A new release of the `Mahogany' e-Mail and News client has been made.

Source and binaries for a variety of Linux and Unix systems as well
as binaries for Win32 are available at


You can also get to the download page starting from


NB: My sincere excuses to all people who have written me asking for
    Win32 binaries and to whom I couldn't reply because there were
    so many of them. For personal reasons I couldn't make the Win32
    version as soon as I hoped to.

In this message:

1. Announcing Mahogany Version 0.62
2. Changes Against the Previous Release

Announcing Mahogany Version 0.62

Mahogany is an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail and news client. It
is available for X11/Unix and MS Windows platforms, supporting a wide
range of protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP4 and full MIME
support as well as secure communications via SSL. Mahogany can be
extended far beyond its original functionality using its built-in
Python interpreter and/or its loadable modules (plug-ins).

Mahogany's wealth of features and ease of use make it one of the most
powerful clients available, providing a consistent and intuitive
interface across all supported platforms and an ideal GUI email client
for advanced and novice users alike.

Mahogany includes an extendable address book system supporting
hierarchical organisation of entries, group aliases, searching the
database and easy editing, with support for other programs' address
database formats. Currently Mahogany's native format, (X)Emacs' BBDB
address books and PalmOS address books are supported. LDAP support is
planned for future versions.

Mahogany is written using the OpenSource wxWindows application
framework for GUI C++ applications, building on the GTK+ toolkit on
Unix and native Win32 API under Windows and imap-2000 (c-client)
library developed by University of Washington for mail folder access.

Mahogany is constantly being tested on a variety of Linux systems,
Solaris-sparc and MS Windows. It should compile and work on any modern
Unix platform.

Changes Since Release 0.60

Key changes are:

 - fixes to several fatal crashes with IMAP servers
 - significant speed up of some operations (although more
   optimizations are to come)

 - availability of Win32 version

 - Mahogany is now dual licensed under its Artistic License and GPL

New features:

 - support for marking message as flagged/important
 - "Extract all addresses from message" command
 - possibility to import all MBOX folders under the given directory
 - possibility to set a hard limit for number of messages retrieved
   from a (remote) folder


 - folders in the tree can now be rearranged, system folders are at
   top by default
 - messages can now be sorted by status and by size as well
 - title and status bar of folder view are customizable strings which
   can include information about the number of new/unread/flagged
 - show filtering progress in the status bar
 - filters dialog is now more convenient to use
 - new mail reporting was made less intrusive

Bug fixes:

 - reading newsgroups doesn't crash the program immediately
 - parsing of complex MIME structures fixed
 - language autodetection fixed
 - fixed crash when viewing messages with wrong date

Please see the CHANGES file in the distribution for an even more
detailed list of changes.

Future Plans

Next, we hope to tackle the following:

 - improving the message editor (work in progress)
 - full HTML message editing/displaying (almost complete)
 - multi-threading to allow network operations to happen in
 - PGP/GPG support
 - LDAP support

Please direct any queries to mahogany-developers@lists.sourceforge.net
and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate in
Mahogany development!

Known bugs:

*** Please note that Mahogany/UNIX is officially in beta state while
*** Mahogany/Win32 is still considered to be in alpha stage (although
*** we use both versions on the daily basis).

There are always some, listed on our bugtracker at
http://mahogany.sourceforge.net/bugz/ and we are working on them.

 Hoping you will find Mahogany useful,

M dev-team