Python 2.1b2 SRPM (was: Re: Python 2.1b2 released)

Sean Reifschneider
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 23:50:08 -0700

Shy of RPMs because of library or other dependancy problems with most of
the RPMs you pick up?  The cure, in my experience is to pick up an SRPM.
All you need to do to build a binary package tailored to your system is run
"rpm --rebuild <packagename>.src.rpm".

I've just put up an SRPM of the 2.1b2 release at:

Again, this one builds the executable as "python2.1", and can be installed
along-side your normal Python on the system.  Want to check out a great new
feature?  Type "python2.1 /usr/bin/pydoc string".

Download the SRPM from above, and most users can install a binary built
against exactly the set of packages on their system by doing:

   rpm --rebuild python-2.1b2-1tummy.src.rpm
   rpm -i /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/python*2.1b1-1tummy.i386.rpm

Note that this release enables "--with-pymalloc".  If you experience
problems with modules you use, please report the module and how it can be
reproduced so that these issues can be taken care of.

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