[website] OOMadness site open ! OO stuff and genetic algo.

Jiba jiba@tux.family.org
Wed, 7 Nov 2001 13:39:56 -0500

I've just opened by website OOMadness at :


There's currently 2 interesting Python packages :

----------- PyObjTool 0.1 -----------

XHAT IT IS : Different interesting modules for extreme OO programming !

EventObj : add change-event to any Python object, so you will be notified 
for all object modification.

TreeWidget : (yet another) tree widget for Tkinter; this one is optimized 
for big number of nodes (10000+).

EditObj : edit any Python object in a property list. Support also edition 
of lists and dicts. (yes, it is what java calls a "bean editor", but for 
Python !)

-----------   Genetic 0.1   -----------

WHAT IT IS: Genetic algorythms in Python.

I do not pretend to follow exately nature laws, but rather to try and 
experiment new Python programming ways !

There's also a module for genetic programming, but result are 

The package includes several Tkinter demos (TSP, ...), enjoy !