ANN: mx COMMERCIAL Extension Package 2.0.4

M.-A. Lemburg
Mon, 26 Nov 2001 13:33:43 +0100


 mx COMMERCIAL Extension Package for Python
                            Version 2.0.4

      Full Source Python extensions providing important and useful
                  services for Python programmers.



The mx COMMERCIAL Package for Python is part of the mx Extension Series for Python, a collection of
professional quality software tools which enhance Python's usability
in many important areas such as ODBC database connectivity, fast text
processing, date/time processing and web site programming.

This commercial package includes the popular mxODBC extension which
allows users to connect from Python to just about any database on the 
market today, on Windows, Unix and Linux.

By providing a consistent interface on all supported platforms, 
mxODBC serves as perfect base for writing cross-platform database 
programs and utilities.



Compatibility to Unicode-aware ODBC drivers such as the latest 
MS Access and MS SQL Server ODBC drivers was enhanced in mxODBC. 
It is now possible to exchange native Unicode data with these 
Unicode-capable databases using mxODBC.

As always we are providing precompiled versions of the package for
Windows and Linux as well as sources which allow you to install the
package on all other supported platforms.


SPECIAL OFFER has licensed the mx Commercial Package
(which includes mxODBC) for inclusion in their brand new Qt-based
Python IDE BlackAdder. It allows developing portable GUI-based
database applications which run on Windows and Linux platforms without
any change to the source code.

BlackAdder includes a 1 CPU license for this package at no extra cost,
so you may want to check out their great new product. See

for details.



mxODBC - Generic ODBC 2.0-3.5 interface for Python

     mxODBC is an extension package that provides a Python Database
     API compliant interface to ODBC capable database drivers and

     In addition to the capabilities provided through the standard DB
     API it also gives access to a rich set of catalog methods which
     allow you to scan the database for tables, procedures,
     etc. Furthermore, it uses the mxDateTime package for date/time
     value interfacing eliminating most of the problems these types
     normally introduce (other in/output formats are available too).

     mxODBC allows you to interface to more than one database from one
     process, making inter-database interfacing very flexible and

     The source version includes a varity of preconfigured setups for
     many commonly used databases such as MySQL, Oracle, Informix,
     Solid, SAP DB, Sybase ASA and ASE, DBMaker and many more. The
     precompiled versions for Windows and Linux include the interfaces
     to the standard ODBC manager on these platforms to allow for a
     more easily configurable setup.

     More details are available at:



The download archives and instructions for installing the packages can
be found at:

Note that in order to use the mx COMMERCIAL package you 
will also need to install the mx BASE package which can 
be downloaded from the same location.



mxODBC comes with a licenses which allows non-commercial use at no
charge, but places a moderate fee on commercial users. Special
licensing setups are available for commercial product
developers. Please see

for details. The package comes with full source code.



Commercial quality support for these packages is available from Software GmbH. Please see 

for details about the eGenix support offerings.



<P><A HREF=""> mx
COMMERCIAL Package 2.0.4</A> - mx COMMERCIAL Interface
2.0.4 with distutils support and precompiled binaries for Windows and
Linux. (26-Nov-2001)


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