Michael Hudson
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 13:05:50 GMT

I'm pleased to announce a new version of my pyrepl package.

Here's an excerpt from the README:

This is pyrepl 0.6, a readline-a-like for Python, which seems to be
being released on 2001-11-27.

It requires python 2.1 (or newer) with the curses and termios modules
built, and features (in less than 3000 lines of code):

 * sane multi-line editing
 * history, with incremental search
 * completion, including displaying of available options
 * a fairly large subset of the readline emacs-mode keybindings
   (adding more is mostly just a matter of typing)
 * a liberal, Python-style, license
 * a new python top-level
 * no global variables, so you can run two or more independent readers
   without having their histories interfering.
 * generally speaking, a much more interactive experience than readline
   (it's a bit like a cross between readline and emacs's mini-buffer)
Please direct comments to

(If you've released open source software you'll know how frustrating
it is to see a couple of hundred downloads and only get a handful of
emails, so don't think I'll be irritated by the banality of your

New since 0.5.1:
 + Rewrote the low level code to be (hopefully) more portable and
   (certainly) clearer.  Most of the code from 0.5.1 is still present,
   but it's been moved around and refactored (and the names have
   gotten more sensible).
 + The above process fixed a fair few bugs.
 + Implemented a few more emacs-mode bindings.
 + Nailed another couple of differences between my top-level and the
   the default one, including playing nice with Tk.
 + Implemented a saner way of handling window resizes (a sane way of 
   handling signals!  Call the Unix police!)
 + minimal testing on cygwin.


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