ANN Installer Release 5
Tue, 27 Nov 2001 14:15:53 -0500

Release 5 of the McMillan Installer is here:

Release 5 is a rewrite of the analysis and building code from earlier releasess. The result is much smaller, faster and more capable.

Major changes include: 

- Instead of using an ini-file configuration (with a host of
  confusing options), Release 5 uses Python syntax specification
- An extensible hooks mechanism for modules / packages that
  use import hacks. 
- Ability to run on non-ELF platforms (should run on most Unix
  systems, although I have not been able to test much of this). 
- Linux users get full binary dependency analysis (so you can 
  include a private installation of TCL/TK or wxWindows, for
- Windows users can now create "frozen" in-process COM servers. 
- Refactored C code (many thanks to Alan Green) so embedders 
  can make use of Installer's capabilities. 

There is also an Installer mailling list. Subscribe at:

Supported systems include:
 - Windows 
 - Linux
 - Unix (alpha quality)

Supported Python versions:
 - Python 1.5 to 2.1 (2.2b2 appears to work too).

What is it:
  The Installer package is any easy way to deploy Python apps
  to systems without Python installed (or with incompatible Pythons

  MIT style.


<P><A HREF="">Installer Release 5</A>Easy Python app deployment. (27-Nov-2001).