ANN: mx EXPERIMENTAL Package 0.6.0

M.-A. Lemburg
Tue, 02 Oct 2001 21:41:38 +0200


ANNOUNCING: mx EXPERIMENTAL Extension Package for Python
                            Version 0.6.0

     Experimental Python extensions providing important and useful
                    services for Python programmers.



The mx EXPERIMENTAL Extensions for Python are a collection
of alpha and beta quality software tools for Python which will be
integrated into the other mx Extension Packages after they have
matured to professional quality tools.

Python is an object-oriented Open Source programming language which
runs on all modern platforms ( By integrating
ease-of-use, clarity in coding, enterprise application connectivity
and rapid application design, Python establishes an ideal programming
platform for todays IT challenges.



This release includes two new subpackage: mxURL and mxUID providing
fast implementations for URL and UID processing.



mxNumber - Python Interface to GNU MP Number Types

     mxNumber provides direct access to the high performance numeric
     types available in the GNU Multi-Precision Lib (GMP).  This
     library is licensed under the LGPL and runs on practically all
     Unix platforms. has ported the GMP lib to Windows, to
     also provide our Windows users with the added benefit of being
     able to do arbitrary precision calculations.

     The package currently provide these numerical types:

     1. Integer(value)      -- arbitrary precision integers much like 
                               Python longs only faster
     2. Rational(nom,denom) -- rational numbers with Integers as
                               numerator and denominator
     3. Float(value[,prec]) -- floating point number with at least
                               prec bits precision
     4. FareyRational(value, maxden)
                            -- calculate the best rational represenation 
                               n/d of value such that d < maxden

mxTidy - Interface to HTML Tidy (HTML/XML cleanup tool)

     mxTidy provides a Python interface to a thread-safe, library
     version of the HTML Tidy. command line tool.

     HTML Tidy helps you to cleanup coding errors in HTML and XML
     files and produce well-formed HTML, XHTML or XML as output. This
     allows you to preprocess web-page for inclusion in XML
     repositories, prepare broken XML files for validation and also
     makes it possible to write converters from well-known word
     processing applications such as MS Word to other structured data
     representations by using XML as intermediate format.

mxURL - A URL Datatype

     mxURL provides a new datatype for storing and manipulating URL 
     values as well as a few helpers related to URL building, encoding
     and decoding. 

     The main intention of the package is to provide an easy to use, 
     fast and lightwheight datatype for Universal Resource Locators 
     (note the W3C now calls these URIs). 

mxUID - A UID Datatype

     mxUID provides a fast mechanism for generating universal 
     identification strings (UIDs). The intent is to make these UIDs
     unique with high probability in order to serve as object or data
     set identifiers. 

     A typical use lies in generating session IDs. Other areas where 
     unique IDs play an important role are RPC-implementations, 
     ORBs, etc. 



The download archives and instructions for installing the packages can
be found at:



The EXPERIMENTAL packages uses different licenses in its subpackages.
Please refer to the subpackage documentation for details. Some of them
may be integrated into the BASE package, others will be integrated
into the COMMERCIAL package.

The package comes with full source code



There currently is no support for these packages, since they are
still in alpha or beta. Feedback is welcome, though, so don't
hesitate to write us about the quirks you find.



<P><A HREF=""> mx
EXPERIMENTAL Extension Package 0.6.0</A> - mx EXPERIMENTAL
Extension Package 0.6.0 with precompiled binaries for Windows and
Linux. (02-Oct-2001)


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