Announcing the latest version of HappyDoc, a Python documentation extraction tool.

Doug Hellmann
Thu, 11 Oct 2001 19:14:47 GMT

Announcing the latest version of HappyDoc, a Python documentation 
extraction tool.

  HappyDoc is a tool for extracting documentation from Python source
  code.  It differs from other such applications by the fact that it
  uses the parse tree for a module to derive the information used in
  its output, rather that importing the module directly.  This allows
  the user to generate documentation for modules which need special
  context to be imported.

  More details are available on the HappyDoc home page at

  Version 1.6 -- 

      - **New Features**

        - Implemented a variety of modifications to support Python 2.0
          syntax updates.

        - Implemented plugin system for docstring converters to allow
          module authors to write documentation using different markup
          styles.  External files are recognized by their extension.
          The global default setting for docstrings can be passed on
          the command line, or a file-specific setting can be embedded
          in the input file (see below).

        - Updated the default markup syntax to StructuredTextNG,
          replacing the original StructuredText.  Most users will not
          notice any difference, but backwards compatibility is
          maintained with a ClassicStructuredText plugin.

      - **Many contributed patches**

        - Patch to allow better support for Python 2.x 'import'
          statement syntax changes.

        - Patch to allow the base URL for documentation of Python
          standard libraries to be passed as a command line argument
          to HappyDoc.

        - Patch to eliminate invalid links to private classes which
          are not described.

        - Patch to elminate "decoration" lines in comment

        - Added output formatter and docset for creating UML diagrams in
          Dia format.

      - **Several resolved bugs**

        - Files with DOS line endings are handled properly.

        - Removed uses of the deprecated 'regex' module by the
          StructuredText parser.

        - Less than and greater than symbols in preformatted (example)
          sections of text are now rendered correctly.

      - **Other Changes**

        - Cosmetic changes to the way unit tests are run.

        - Fixed a problem with identifying "system modules" under
          versions of Python other than 1.5.

        - Sort the table of contents by the module name, not the file


  Download the latest version of HappyDoc from the home page on