[Module] cmTemplate/0.1

Chris Monson shiblon@yahoo.com
Wed, 17 Oct 2001 11:48:06 -0400 (EDT)


Generate formatted text from a powerful template language using Python

The cmTemplate module was originally designed to help writers of CGI
programs to keep HTML tags out of their code. It is a template parsing
and realization engine that allows coders to focus on logic, and
designers to focus on format. It sports a very expressive and powerful
syntax that is reminiscient of (and borrowed heavily from) Python
itself, which we all know is the best language around :-).

Templates have special PHP-style tags embedded in them. These tags are
processed by the cmTemplate engine, and are replaced with appropriate
text. Simple text replacement, loops, file inclusion, if-elif-else, and
other such structures are available in the template language, as well as
the ability to execute arbitrary Python code.

cmTemplate was written with performance in mind. It parses files only
when necessary, and is lightning fast at producing output from a parsed
file. The memory footprint is minimal once the file has been parsed. It
can and will play very nicely with things like FastCGI and the various
mod_python variants that exist in the wild today.

Don't let the version number fool you! This module is fairly mature. I'm
very conservative about version numbers. I think GNOME should have
taught us all a lesson there ;-).

       URL:  http://www.bouncingchairs.net/oss
  Download:  http://www.bouncingchairs.net/oss/cmTemplate-0.1.tar.gz

   License:  LGPL
  Requires:  re, string, os, os.path, stat

  Categories:  Web

Chris Monson (shiblon@yahoo.com)

<a href="http://www.bouncingchairs.net/oss">cmTemplate/0.1</a> --
Generate formatted text from a powerful template language using Python