ZPugDC Meeting 25 October

Chris Abraham christopher.abraham@verizon.net
Fri, 19 Oct 2001 13:01:43 -0400

Hi All:

I have been under water all month and I am sorry that I have not been better
at keeping this community list going.  Anyway, the reason there has been so
much frustration is because ZPUG.org has been split between two servers and
I just wanted to remain hands-off until things resolved.  They didn't.

I have not been able to get onto the server to change the front pager, but
we have the delightful and elegant Mr. Jim Fulton, the father of Zope and
the amazing (so amazing that even the Python kids love it) ZODB!

So, from 7-9 on October 25th, we will bask in Jim's presentation as well as
really spending more time and energy keeping it simple.  There will be
plenty of time for questions, a liberal half-time schmooze, and whatnot.

We will be able to fit into the larger room because Jim will be bringing
Zope Corp's little overhead and a fancy laptop.  Bring your notebooks, a lot
of fun will be had by all.

Joya Subudhi of Foretec Seminars will be sharing with us all of the joy of
the upcoming Python 10 conference <http://www.python10.com> -- and Python 10
will be plying us with drinks at Brickskeller afterwards.

Also, we are getting our server house in order and the folks and imeme
<http://www.imeme.com> are generous enough to offer ZPug a hope gratis!
They do amazing work so if you have any Zope Hosting needs, please go check
them out and tell them you got the message from us!

Thanks, all, for your patience!

Chris Abraham, Managing Director, beehive North America
+1 202 548 0410 fax:+1 202 478 0276 page:+1 202 229 4925
101 14th St, SE, BSMT, Washington, DC 20003 United States