MacPython 2.2b1 released

Jack Jansen
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 15:14:39 +0100

MacPython 2.2b1 has been released. This is a beta distribution which
will undoubtedly still contain bugs. Installers in various forms can
be downloaded via .

Python is a high-level programming language that is suitable for
simple scripting tasks as well as writing large
applications. MacPython offers a lot of Mac-specific extensions, 
including access to all major MacOS Toolbox modules (QuickDraw,
QuickTime, AppleScript and many more), an Integrated Development
Environment (in Python!), frameworks for windowing applications,
unix-compatible cgi-scripting, image-manipulation libraries, numerical
libraries, tk-based machine independent windowing and lots more. It
also uniquely among Pythons allows you to create fully selfcontained
(and, hence, distributable) applications without needing a C compiler
or anything.

What's new in MacPython 2.2?
- Types and classes are unified, so you can subclass builtin types.
- Iterators and generators allow objects to be "looped over" and
  producer/consumer-style programming.
- Accept both unix- and mac-style newlines
- Automatic garbage collection
- Better Carbon support and better integration with OS X
  command line Python

Known problems with 2.2b1:
- Does not work on Mac OS X multiprocessor machines.
- BuildApplication fails for programs using packages.
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