Dive Into Python chapter 4 released

Mark Pilgrim f8dy@diveintopython.org
Wed, 05 Sep 2001 10:54:46 -0400

"Dive Into Python" is a free Python book for experienced programmers.  
Chapter 4, "HTML Processing", is now available:

Chapter 4 teaches HTML processing with the sgmllib module.  Along the 
way, it also covers
- the urllib module for retrieving web pages
- locals() and globals() functions
- dictionary-based string formatting
- classes as first-class objects
- the world's gentlest introduction to regular expressions

The book is free, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, and 
can be downloaded in PDF, HTML, text, Word, or WinHelp:

The book is written in DocBook XML.  Translators and other adventurous 
parties can download the XML files and build scripts at SourceForge:

Mark Pilgrim
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