Wing IDE 1.1b7
Fri, 7 Sep 2001 11:24:18 -0400 (EDT)

We're pleased to announce release of Wing IDE version 1.1b7 for
Windows and Linux.  Highlights of this release include:

- Structural code folding
- Improved interactive shell (now available when not debugging)
- Improved search manager
- Automatic support for new minor Python releases
- Debugger support for wxPython and most embedded invocation 
- Significant optimization of startup time and resource usage
- Updated Zope support 

Wing IDE is a complete development environment for the Python
programming language.  It provides a graphical networked debugger,
powerful source code browser, and advanced source code editor.

Version 1.1b7 is available for Windows 98/NT4/2000 and most 
recent Linux distributions.  A detailed change log, documentation, 
and the Windows and Linux binary distributions are here:

Concurrent with this release we've lowered the cost of priority 
support, added prepaid support packs, and introduced consulting 
services for custom feature development.

Pricing Changes for 1.1

We would like to take this opportunity to provide advanced warning 
of price increases for version 1.1.  Wing IDE 1.1b7 is expected 
to be the second-to-last beta release in the 1.1 version series.  
After 1.1 final is released, the cost of a single non-educational
license will increase to $149 (Linux) and $179 (Windows).

Thanks so much to all our dedicated beta testers for helping us 
to improve the quality of Wing IDE!

We hope you will enjoy this release.


The Archaeopteryx Team