ANN: jabberpy 0.2 released

Mon, 10 Sep 2001 12:05:20 +0100

Version 0.2 of jabberpy is available here;

This release includes basic documentation, new and improved examples,
better roster management, query payload methods and of course bug
fixes :)

What is it?
----------- is a Python module for the jabber instant messaging protocol. deals with the xml parsing and socket code, leaving the
programmer to concentrate on developing quality jabber based
applications with Python.
The eventual aim is to produce a fully featured easy to use library
for creating jabber clients, servers and components. requires at least python 2.0 and the XML expat parser module
It is developed on Linux but should run happily on over Unix's and

It is released under the GPL.  

Please try, enjoy, find bugs + suggest improvements.

   -- Matthew Allum